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Dongling participated in the 13th National Rotor Dynamics Conference and the 9th 3rd Council of the Rotor Dynamics Branch of the Chinese Society of Vibration Engineering

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    On the morning of May 5, 2018, the 13th National Rotor Dynamics Academic Conference and the opening ceremony of the Ninth Third Council of the Rotor Dynamics Branch of the Chinese Society of Vibration Engineering was held in Suzhou Yuansu Hotel. The conference was hosted by the Rotor Dynamics Branch of the Chinese Society of Vibration Engineering and the Hunan Mechanical Fault Diagnosis and Failure Analysis Society, with a total of more than 400 experts and scholars from more than 100 universities, research institutes, and enterprises across China attending the conference.
    At the opening ceremony, as the only enterprise representative, Wang Xiaozhong, Vice Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the conference and Chairman of Dongling, delivered a speech to express his warm congratulations on the successful convening of the conference and hoped to take this platform and opportunity to further deepen the understanding and exchange, promote interaction and cooperation, better utilize the respective advantages of industry and academia, and jointly promote the rapid development of rotor dynamics and help military-civilian integration.
    The conference invited many experts in the industry to make special academic reports, academicians such as Wen Bangchun and Gao Jinji, and professors such as Chen Yaolong and Liu Zhansheng made academic reports, bringing everyone a wonderful explanation of the frontier theory and technology of rotor dynamics, recent development and future key research directions.
    The conference lasted from May 4 to 8, with one main conference hall and four sub-courts, and a total of nearly 150 academic presentations were conducted, providing a good platform for participants to show and communicate. In the afternoon of the 5th, Tong Ningke, Chief Engineer of Dongling, gave a technical exchange report on "Three kinds of equipment practices based on rotor dynamics", which drew a positive response from the venue.
    The success of this conference has further brought closer contact and interaction between scientific researchers engaged in rotor dynamics engineering research and technology application, strengthened academic exchanges and showcased the latest achievements, which will definitely have direct benefits and far-reaching impact on the professional development and industrial progress of rotor dynamics and vibration engineering.
    During the conference, more than 400 experts and scholars visited Dongling, observed a variety of the company's self-developed dynamic characteristics testing equipment, and communicated with the staff on site from time to time, saying that through this event, they had further broadened their horizons and deepened their understanding, and were impressed by Dongling's innovative spirit, innovative culture and innovative achievements, and benefited greatly. As the organizer of the conference, Dongling organized the event carefully, coordinated actively and served efficiently, which was also well received by the participants.

Dongling Chairman Wang Xiaozhong delivered a speech at the opening ceremony
Over 400 experts and scholars visit Dongling
Conference Gala
Group photo of the participants