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All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Research Group on Military-Civilian Integration Visits Dongling

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    On April 23, 2018, Zhao Dejiang, member of the party group and secretary-general of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, led a research group on military-civilian integration to Suzhou Dongling Vibration Test Instruments Co. Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City and the relevant departments of the high-tech zone accompanied the investigation.
    During the investigation and research, Mr. Wang Xiaozhong, Chairman of Dongling, briefly introduced the development history and culture concept of the company to Mr. Zhao Dejiang, and reported the basic situation and latest development of the company in military-civilian integration, industry-academia-research-use, international cooperation, test and experiment platform and talent construction. In the exhibition hall of the achievement platform, the intelligent vibration damping base and the special testing area for aero-engine parts, Mr. Zhao Dejiang and his delegation carefully observed a number of representative dual-use testing equipment developed by Dongling, inquired about the technical level and application of related products, and expressed their appreciation for Dongling's innovation culture and innovative achievements.
    In recent years, Dongling has made full use of its technical and resource advantages to make continuous breakthroughs in mechanical environment and reliability testing equipment, testing technology and overall solutions, providing powerful conditions and technical support for the innovation and development of high-end equipment industry and national defense science and technology industry. In the future, Dongling will always base on independent innovation in science and technology, continue to innovate and create, grasp development opportunities, promote the deep development of military-civilian integration, and make new contributions to a strong country and a strong army.
Zhao Dejiang, member of the Party Group and Secretary General of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, visited Dongling for research