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China Intellectual Property News丨Dongling Vibration: Strengthen the use of patents to achieve a win-win situation for all parties

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Our reporter Zhu Wenming
  "Dongling Vibration, vibrating the world"! The bold words of Suzhou Dongling Vibration Testing Instruments Co.
  For more than 20 years, Dongling Vibration has attached importance to innovation in concept, technology, model and the use of intellectual property rights. Through the pledge of several pieces of intellectual property rights, Dongling Vibration has obtained financing for many times and gradually developed from a small workshop with a few tens of thousands of yuan of start-up capital to a world-renowned professional manufacturer and test service provider of mechanical environment and reliability test equipment, integrating research and development, manufacturing, sales and service. Nowadays, from Shenzhou spacecraft to aircraft carrier platforms, from missiles and satellites to high-speed rail and automobiles, whether in the most advanced national defence and military fields or in many civil products, Dongling Vibration's high-standard professional vibration test benches are indispensable.
  Self-initiated innovation makes the industry "new noble"
  In the defence and equipment industries, vibration is one of the main factors causing product and component failure or malfunction, so vibration testing systems play an indispensable role. In western developed countries, vibration testing has long become an essential technical means to check the performance and reliability of products. In recent years, with the increasing level of technology in China's military products, the application of vibration testing has become more and more popular. From satellites and rockets in the sky, to submarines and aircraft carrier platforms in the sea, whether they can withstand impacts and collisions, they all need to be tested in advance on vibration platforms for reliability. It can be said that vibration testing determines the quality and reliability of a product.
  In the large thrust electrodynamic vibration test equipment, for decades, developed countries have been embargoed and blocked to China. 20 century before the 1980s, developed countries on a ton of thrust above the electrodynamic shaker to China embargo, to later relaxed, but more than 5 tons of thrust in the medium and large shakers still to China to implement absolute blockade, especially for the thrust of more than 9 tons of large shakers are strictly In particular, large shakers with a thrust of 9 tonnes or more were strictly controlled. It was against this background that Dongling Vibration set out to break the foreign blockade from the very beginning.
  Although it was a difficult start: no technology, no capital and no market, Dongling Vibration has made a name for itself in the vibration industry with its dedication to the cause. From the first 300kg shaker at its inception, to the first 5 tonne thrust electrodynamic shaker in 2002, followed by 6 tonne, 7 tonne air-cooled electrodynamic shakers and 10 tonne water-cooled electrodynamic shakers, to the successful development of a 16 tonne thrust electrodynamic shaker in 2004, becoming the fourth manufacturer in the world capable of manufacturing 16 tonne electrodynamic shakers, Dongling Vibration has broken the technology blockade and embargo imposed by developed countries on China's large vibration test benches, and is gradually becoming the newest player in the vibration testing industry.
  Integrating resources to achieve a win-win situation for all parties
  "The most crucial reason for achieving such achievements today lies in our insistence on scientific and technological innovation as the driving force." The person in charge of Dongling Vibration said in an interview with China Intellectual Property News. All along, Dongling Vibration has been taking scientific and technological innovation as its core grip, actively engaging in R&D, establishing a joint testing platform and multi-level R&D system based on the national post-doctoral research workstation, provincial academician workstation, academician advisory group, expert committee and Dongling team, and devoting itself to new product development, customer demand research and product technology improvement, thus forming a strong scientific and technological innovation system that can adapt to the current and future markets.
  While adhering to the development of technological innovation, Dongling Vibration attaches great importance to the work of intellectual property rights, and has set up a special intellectual property management organization, formulated a perfect intellectual property management system, established a complete intellectual property management system, and realized the professional, systematic and standardized management of the enterprise's intellectual property work. By the end of 2017, Dongling Vibration has submitted a total of 375 patent applications, including 133 invention patents; has granted a total of 303 patents, including 70 invention patents; has 8 software copyrights; has 15 domestic registered trademarks, and has registered trademarks in 13 countries, including the United States and Korea.
  In March 2011, Dongling Vibration obtained financing of RMB 30 million from Everbright Bank by pledging 58 patents with a total value of RMB 100 million as assessed by Beijing North Asia Asset Appraisal Company, which was the largest financing obtained by an enterprise in Jiangsu Province by way of patent pledge at that time.
  In March 2014, under the coordination and recommendation of Suzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce and Suzhou High-tech Zone Administration for Industry and Commerce, Dongling Vibration obtained financing of RMB15 million from Bank of Suzhou with a well-known trademark valued at RMB2.56 million assessed by Beijing Liancheng Asset Appraisal Company Limited, which has been renewed to date.
  In May 2014, during the relevant meeting organized by Suzhou Intellectual Property Office, Dongling Vibration obtained financing of RMB 10 million from China Merchants Bank for three invention patents valued at RMB 34.03 million assessed by Beijing Liancheng Asset Appraisal Co.
  In 2016, after several years of cooperation with Harbin Engineering University, Dongling Vibration, with its rich experience in developing mechanical test equipment, attracted Harbin Engineering University to set up Suzhou Dongling Intelligent Vibration Damping Ltd, which is the first time that Dongling Vibration cooperates with a partner in the form of intangible assets.
  "By strengthening the use of intellectual property rights, we have effectively improved the hardware conditions for research and development and provided a strong guarantee for the research and development of new products and the transformation of results. In the future, we will continue to attach great importance to the important role of intellectual property work in the development of enterprises as we have done in the past." The person in charge of Dongling concluded.