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Major breakthrough in high temperature fatigue testing technology for aero-engine blades

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    Recently, the high temperature vibration characteristics and high circumference fatigue test project of a certain type of engine low pressure turbine blade undertaken by Suzhou Dongling Vibration Testing Instruments Co. The project developed 4 sets of high temperature (900ºC) vibration composite test equipment, for the aero-engine blade high temperature fatigue test brought a new overall solution, marking the Dongling company in successive aero-engine blade high frequency high stress fatigue, high order composite fatigue and other test technology problems, in the blade of high temperature fatigue test technology and made a major breakthrough.
    At the evaluation meeting, the expert evaluation team from Northwestern Polytechnic University, China Aircraft Strength Research Institute, China Aviation Development Commercial Aircraft Engine Co. After consultation and discussion, it was agreed that the project had solved many technical problems such as the design and cooling of the vibration test fixture under high temperature environment, the measurement of stress-strain and displacement, the judgment of blade fatigue failure, the analysis and processing of test data, the analysis of fracture and metallographic organization, etc., and had successfully completed all the tasks according to the quality and time, and agreed to pass the acceptance.
    As the organizing unit of this evaluation meeting, AVIC Commercial Aero Engine Co., Ltd. gave full affirmation and high praise to the innovative approach taken by Dongling in this project, and said that in the future, we should further strengthen the cooperation between the two sides to achieve more innovative results in the field of aero engines. 
    At present, Dongling has developed a series of test equipment in the aero-engine segment, such as spindle fatigue and airflow excitation, and has built a dynamic and static test centre for aero-engine components with professional characteristics and fatigue strength test centre. In the future, Dongling will give full play to the advantages of organic integration of equipment development and test technology research, adhere to independent innovation in science and technology, and devote itself to achieving more breakthroughs in aero-engine test equipment and test technology, so as to escort the innovative development of China's aero-engine business.

High temperature fatigue test system for aero-engine blades