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Dongling exports eight sets of two-axis multifunctional rotary tables to Russia

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    Recently, the eight sets of two-axis multifunctional rotary tables developed by Dongling Company passed the acceptance of the Russian customer smoothly and the two sides signed the factory acceptance agreement, which is the first time that China exports this kind of system in batch.
    During the five-day acceptance process, the acceptance team, consisting of the customer's purchasing director, chief technical engineer and corresponding mechanical engineer, listened to the report of the person in charge of the company's turntable project team, checked the relevant materials, observed the start-up demonstration of the turntable on site, and put forward the corresponding rectification comments. The dynamic index of the outer frame is 15Hz at -3dB and the inner frame is 30Hz at -3dB, which greatly exceeds the performance requirements of the relevant dynamic indexes in the domestic industry and has a strong competitiveness in the international arena, and agreed to pass the acceptance and gave high praise to Dongling's project execution ability.
▲On-site acceptance of the turntable by the Russian acceptance team
    The turntable is a high-end precision equipment, with rate, positioning, and swing functions, can real-time information data recording and display, mainly for the load under test to provide a precise positioning and rate benchmark, can be used for dynamic and static testing and calibration of inertial components and inertial guidance systems, but also for dynamic simulation test. In addition, it can also be equipped with temperature-controlled chambers for high and low temperature testing according to customer requirements.
    Prior to this, neither Dongling nor other manufacturers in the domestic industry had any experience in exporting the corresponding equipment to foreign countries, and the customer's requirements were very tight and the dynamic specifications were high, so the degree of difficulty could be imagined. The project team members of Dongling cooperated with each other and made full use of the company's innovation platform and resources to complete the development of the eight sets of rotary tables in just six months, from preliminary research, solution communication, equipment optimisation and design, supplier selection, manufacturing and system interfacing.
    The successful acceptance of the eight sets of two-axis multifunctional rotary tables has further enhanced Dongling's international reputation and fully demonstrated Dongling's strong technical and resource integration capabilities. Dongling has broken the limitations of domestic industry indicators, created an industry miracle and won applause for China!
▲Signing of acceptance agreement by both parties