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Mr. Wang Xiaozhong, Chairman of Dongling, was invited to attend and give a special report on "Supporting Industrial Development through Metrology".

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    On 21 May 2018, a report on "Metrology Supporting Industrial Development" organized by the China Academy of Metrology Sciences (CAMS) was held in Beijing, marking the official opening of the week-long 8th Science and Technology Week of CAMS. Qin Yizhi, Deputy Director General of the State Administration of Market Supervision, attended the conference and delivered a speech, and nearly 200 people attended the presentation, including leaders from the Science and Technology Department and the Metrology Department of the State Administration of Market Supervision, members of the leadership team of the China Academy of Metrology, members of the Science and Technology Committee, heads of relevant departments and some research and management personnel, as well as representatives of invited enterprises. As one of the invited enterprise representatives, Wang Xiaozhong, Chairman of Dongling Company, attended the report and made a special report.
    During the conference, the Director of China Academy of Metrology gave a presentation on "Opportunities and Challenges of Quantitative Change in Metrology", focusing on the origin and impact of quantitative change, and how to cope with it. Wang Zhibiao, Director of the National Engineering Research Centre of Ultrasound Medical and Chairman of Chongqing Hifu Medical Technology Co Ltd, Li Xiang, President of Shenzhen Institute of Metrology and Quality Inspection, and Wang Haojie, Senior Director of the Safety and Quality Management Department and Health, Safety and Environmental Protection Department of Mengniu Dairy made presentations.
    At the meeting, Wang Xiaozhong, Chairman of Dongling Company, made a special report on "Practice and Exploration of Quality Strengthening", with innovation-driven development as the main line, introducing the innovative achievements and creative practices of the company in the development of metrology and calibration equipment, inspection and testing, certification and accreditation, etc., and exchanging the practice of enterprises to rely on industrial development needs and explore the metrology and testing to support and serve industrial development. The meeting was held on the day of the conference.
    On the day of the meeting, the representatives of the participating enterprises visited the relevant laboratories of the China Academy of Metrology, and discussed and exchanged views with the scientific researchers.

Mr. Wang Xiaozhong, Chairman of Dongling, delivered a special report at the report on "Supporting Industrial Development with Metrology".