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Dongling Chairman Wang Xiaozhong and his party visited China Aircraft Strength Research Institute

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In the afternoon of 29 October 2018, Wang Xiaozhong, Chairman of Dongling, Fu Xiaohong, Vice Chairman of Dongling and other members of the delegation visited China Aircraft Strength Research Institute and were warmly received by Wang Binwen, Director of the Institute, Jiang Junliang and Fang Xinwen, Vice Directors of the Institute. This was also the second friendly exchange between the senior leaders of both sides after the visit of Director Wang Binwen to Dongling in May last year.
Accompanied by Director Wang Binwen, Chairman Wang Xiaozhong and his party visited the China Aircraft Strength Research Institute and watched a promotional film on the image of the Institute. China Aircraft Strength Research Institute is the only aircraft strength research centre and ground strength test and verification base in China's aviation industry, with the function of conducting verification tests and giving verification conclusions on the strength of newly developed aircraft on behalf of the state. Since its establishment in 1965, it has undertaken and completed more than 300 key industry pre-research projects, all-aircraft static tests for 11 aircraft series, all-aircraft fatigue tests for seven aircraft series, all-aircraft ground resonance tests for nearly 200 aircraft sorties of various aircraft series, drop vibration and pendulum vibration tests for landing gear of various aircraft series, comprehensive strength tests for full-size composite structures, comprehensive environmental tests for aircraft structures and It has obtained more than 40 national-level scientific and technological achievements and more than 180 provincial and ministerial-level scientific and technological achievements.
During the exchange forum, both sides briefly introduced their basic development, professional research fields and main technical advantages. In the context of the deep development of civil-military integration, the two sides discussed and exchanged ideas and reached a series of preliminary cooperation intentions and consensus on the topics of joint construction of laboratories, joint declaration of major instrumentation special projects, joint research and development of test equipment and test technology, etc.
The two sides agreed that the strength research institute and Dongling have strong complementary professional and technical advantages, and the cooperation is deep and extensive. They jointly expressed the need to further enhance understanding, deepen communication, share resources, pool innovation, achieve win-win cooperation and promote deep integration development.

Wang Xiaozhong, Chairman of Dongling (second from right), and Wang Binwen, Director of China Aircraft Strength Research Institute (first from left), have an in-depth exchange